Smile! And Get Organized for Tax Time.

small_2389320345As we move through the tax season, there are many things to keep track of prior to completing the final tax return. These include filing information returns such as 1099s, filing the city tax renewal  and possibly even extension requests.

Did you make resolutions to stay organized about filing needs, to reduce clutter and to read about tax saving strategies? Good!

If you are a sole proprietor or single member LLC, contact me for a basic organizer to help you to keep those resolutions. After you record your numbers for income and expense, you’ll be mostly ready for taxes. But now, think about where you had to go to find those numbers, the back up receipts, and the logs for dining and mileage. If you had everything in a shoebox, that’s ok. On a spreadsheet? Ditto. On a P&L? Congratulations!

If you are ready to take the steps to use software year round to create the financial portrait that your company deserves, think about the new cloud based programs such as Xero, Wave or Freshbooks. And contact The Krutilek Group for details. We have pricing, links to the programs and even a growing collection of podcasts about bookkeeping available on our website, found here: We are the place to talk about taxes!

photo credit: luxomedia via photopin cc